Baba Inusa


unnamedA specialist in sickle cell and Thalassaemia and directs the comprehensive sickle cell and Thalassaemia centre, Evelina Children’s Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust, London of the leading centres in the United Kingdom.
Qualified ABU Zaria, 1984, postgraduate Fellowship in Paediatrics 1992, Postgraduate Haematology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School,1993 Hammersmith Hospital London; MRCP, 1995; Completion of Specialist training-Paediatrics / haematology  July 1997.
He was consultant in charge of paediatric oncology Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Welwyn Garden Coty 1997-2002 prior to the current role. Evelina London is one of the leading haemoglobinopathies services in the UK with responsibility for training in stroke screening in SCD- transcranial Doppler scanning (TCD) and as the national secretary for the UK Forum on Haemoglobin Disorders, Dr Inusa is involved in the development of national standards of care for SCD- quality assurance of ‘centres of excellence for SCD and Thalassaemia in the UK. He serves on a number of Department Of Health panels on standard of blood transfusion (SABTO),  UK National Screening Committee on sickle cell and thalassaemia ( He is the convener of the international conference in sickle cell and Thalassaemia which is in its 9th year for 7-9th October, 2015 across Europe, Africa, Middle East and the West Indies ( )

Research Interest

He leads a number of research studies in brain disorders (stroke, neuropsychological studies) and renal impairment in SCD- Silent Infarct Transfusion Trial (SITT), the chief investigator for Sickle Cell Anaemia transcranial Doppler Educational Study (SCATES) which includes Italian and Rep of Ireland sites. He is also the UK chief Investigator for a number of drug trials in SCD, renal studies
and psychological studies in SCD. He is a reviewer of a number of international peer review journals and grant awarding bodies. He a fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child health, American Society of Hematology and European Hematology Association

Commitment to Nigeria

He is actively engaged with the Nigerian community in the UK, served on the Financial Secretary of the Medical Association of Nigeria Specialist Across Great Britain ( for 5 years as well as member of the fundraising committee for Nigeria @50th in the UK. He is a regular speaker on SCD including Nigerian organisations in the UK (Ijaw development association, Igbo Community, mansag), universities in the US/UK and the paediatric association of Nigeria (PANCOF). He was received one of the six individual awards for outstanding contribution to Nigeria from the His Excellency, The Vice President of Nigeria 23rd October, 2010.
His passion for raising the standard of care for SCD in Nigeria is driven by the fact that the prevalence of the disease s the highest in the world, with over 100,000 annual births with SCD. He was awarded a grant by the European Community-United Nations Development Programme (EC-UNDP) to establish Newborn SCD diagnosis for the first time in Nigeria. He is working with a group of experts in Nigeria, UK and US to establish this technology first as a pilot programme in Abuja with a view to achieve a more sustainable programme that can be roll out across the country. So far other states have embraced the idea and are keen to have this extended to them namely Katsina, Kaduna, Oyo and Anambra.

Key Publications

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